I provided the design for their coffee bags including the hand-drawn pattern on the bag, with the stick on elements such as grower stickers and roast stickers. The Redeeming Ground logo was provided by Bittersweet Creative Group.

Here you will find the process and see as we went through the mood boards, to initial design styles, and came up with branding for their coffee bag that was true to Redeeming Grounds and their mission.

Redeeming Grounds┬ápartners with coffee growers in Columbia to restore their communities and share the gospel. They’ve helped transform cocaine growers into coffee growers and through this partnership channel 100% of their profits from selling their coffee into these distressed areas.

In collaboration with Bittersweet Creative Group, LLC

  • Project Type: Print Design, Graphic Design
  • Client: Redeeming Grounds
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Website: www.redeeminggrounds.com