38 weeks of pregnancy

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At 38 weeks, necklaces have turned into chokers and the mirrors in my home are very dusty

Loving: My husband mentioned to me that the other night he had his first dream about the baby. Made my heart leap as he described his dream of holding the baby and making the baby laugh, which simultaneously made him laugh, and he woke up laughing!

Hating: You read that header right. I put on a necklace that is one of my favorites, made of beads from my mom, and I could barely breathe. I’m getting a thick neck people! When I say I gain weight all over, I gain weight ALL. OVER.

Weight Gain: (from the beginning of pregnancy) 37 pounds

News: I honestly can’t eat as much as I’d like. It’s great that my appetite has gone down but I can be STARVING and take a few bites and then be full. I used to be a super fast eater, now I take the longest. Slow and steady cleans their plate!

Can’t believe I’m heading into 39 weeks. I could be hours, days or even a week or two away from meeting my boy. Seems so unreal. Still have some decor I’d like to do in the nursery, but I was able to finish up my hospital bag and get last minute essentials. I’m ready for you baby boy!

37 weeks of pregnancy

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At 37 weeks, I’ve started waking up in the middle of the night, STARVING!

Loving: The nursery is essentially all set up. I’m waiting for Robb to hang some shelves but we are set set set! The bassinet is ready, my hospital bag is packed, and I’ve got the baby’s going home outfit ready. It’s starting to feel real folks!

Hating: I’m starting to feel a little anxious. I want to meet my baby! I’ve been doing well and in no rush, people don’t believe it but it’s true. I have been enjoying every moment with my husband and peace and quiet. However, now I’m starting to feel a little more of a tug to see my little boy.

Weight Gain: (from beginning of pregnancy) 36 pounds. I think there’s an extra pound in there from my dr. appointment this week because I had my boots on and was fully clothed.

News: Last week the doctor was concerned about my high blood pressure so he had me give a urine sample and get blood work done. I knew he was testing for preeclampsia even though he didn’t tell me that. This late in the game it’s a possibility! Praise the Lord I don’t have preeclampsia, but I do have Strep B. Ugh! Such a bummer. Means I have to have IV antibiotics when I give birth. If not, the baby can contract the strep and get pneumonia.

Gone are the days of me wearing maternity jeans. They no longer fit. I’ve resorted to leggings as pants. Don’t judge. I have about 3 “going out” outfits left – the rest of the time I’m in yoga pants and my husband’s t-shirts.

I have been waking up in the middle of the night incredibly hungry. To the point that I have to get up and get a bowl of cereal. It’s crazy. I have cereal before bed, cereal in the middle of the night and cereal during the day. I have always loved cereal but I seriously can’t get enough. Then I have to top it off with a glass of milk because the milk in the bowl wasn’t enough. We are going through milk and cereal like crazy.

36 weeks of pregnancy

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At 36 weeks, I got snowed in with my little sister and it was glorious!

Loving: I’m so happy that things are coming together! We are logistically ready for this baby! Now Robb and I just need to mentally prepare ourselves, which we haven’t done yet 🙂

Hating: I am permanently swollen now and don’t love it. My fingers are like sausages and my feet just look like balloons all the time. Doesn’t make putting boots on very easy.

Weight Gain: I’m going to the dr. every week now. I gained five pounds since my last appt! eeek. Total from the beginning of pregnancy: 34 pounds

News: I tell ya the snow was crazy! We got about 20 inches. It sucked that I couldn’t do a thing outsdie like shovel, but it sure was fun to have Gaby around. We baked endlessly, worked some more on the baby room, and I taught her how to crochet. It was a great few days together that we rarely get anymore.

I got to see my baby for the last time in my belly at my weekly dr. appt. My doctor wanted to check the position and make sure everything was looking good. He said the placenta looks great, baby is head down and looks big and healthy. There was a moment where the baby’s foot was up under my rib cage and the dr. would push the wand down on his foot and he would kick back! haha. So cute! I love how interactive he is.

It was fun to have Robb’s mom with me to see the baby 🙂

35 weeks of pregnancy

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At 35 weeks, I forget what it’s like to fully be able to bend over.

Loving: When my husband lays his head on my belly and talks to our boy. I love it even more when he nudges him right in the head. I just know they are going to be buddies. Can’t wait for my man to have his little sidekick!

Hating: I’m fighting some feelings of sadness. At times I feel alone and miss my mom so much. She died when I was a little girl. I have done really well as I’ve gotten older to be thankful for the life I have, to be ok with how it turned out because my God is good. But there is something about becoming a mom that makes me miss my mom so so much.

Weight Gain: Dr. Appt next week to check the baby’s position (my sweet mother-in-law is going to come, excited for her to see the little man!) and will post how my weight is doing after that.

News: This week, on the 21st of January, that will be my one month mark to my due date. Technically I’ll only be 35.5 weeks, but since my due date is on the 21st of February, we’ll be one month away according to the calendar. Eeeek!

I’ve been reading stories about women having their babies at 35 to 37 weeks and that’s me! It’s freaking me out but also making me think this little guy could come early.

I experienced my first, legitimate Braxton Hicks contractions. Wowza – those were painful and consistently on and off for quite a few minutes. I think I had about 5 of them. They passed and all was well – but I told my husband I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this anymore. haha! There is no turning back now!

34 weeks of pregnancy

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At 34 weeks, Nursery prep is in full swing and this boy is doing nothing but moving!

Loving: How this boy can move. It’s so fun. He does kick, but what he does most is stretch. I feel him pushing on each side of my abdomen, and sometimes it’s painful! Excited to know that’s nothing but great so I’m thankful he’s on the move.

I’m consuming so much cereal it’s pretty amazing. It’s just so satisfying and delicious!

Hating: Not much. I’m again in thankful mode! I’m feeling good physically. Waking up at night to go pee doesn’t even phase me anymore. I get excited when I make it to 5am without waking up 🙂 That way – if I can’t fall back asleep – it’s not a big deal to just stay awake.

Weight Gain: Doctor’s appointment on the 26th, I’m not checking until then!

News: The dresser for the baby’s room was finally delivered. SO EXCITED! So now the baby clothes prep really starts. I bought baby detergent and have been washing all the clothes that have been given to me by my so very generous friends. This boy’s wardrobe is stacked! I have plenty of newborn to 3 month clothing, I doubt he will be able to use it all. We’ll see how big he is when he makes his grand appearance. Tia Gaby came over and helped me with some organization to make room for the dresser. I still need some bins for better organization but I have a list running and am checking it off one by one.

33 weeks of pregnancy

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At 33 weeks I had my baby shower!

Loving: Taking baths! I had to all this week to help deal with my “issues” after I had a surgical procedure to remove those issues. Now I just do it because I love it. Almost every evening after dinner I hop in and spend a good 30 minutes dreaming and relaxing. It’s glorious. Makes me want to start sprucing up my master bathroom, since I’m not in there so much!

Hating: Not too much! After dealing with those “issues” from the end of last week to mid this week, I have a much better perspective on this pregnancy. God is good, my baby is healthy and thank God I’m not in pain like I was!

Weight Gain: (from beginning of pregnancy) 29 pounds. I gained 5 pounds over Christmas. My doctor did not scold me, thankfully. He said he couldn’t complain for my weight gain. My blood pressure was really good too. I have essentially been eating salads every time we go out to eat so I’m sure that has helped. Not eating candy or ice cream shakes from Chik fil A which are my downfall.

News: My baby shower was this Saturday, January 9th. What an amazing time. My sister Gaby, Robb’s sisters Lora and Amanda, and Robb’s sister in law Nina along with her sister Amy, put together the most amazing shower I have every been to. It was elegantly decorated with a rustic theme and accents of evergreen – not at all baby focused. It was absolutely beautiful. From the food to the decor to the crafts, it couldn’t have been closer to my taste. Seriously wonderful. They had a canvas that had a tree on it and guests were to put their thumb print and sign their name. They had a sand jar to pour different color sands in, which was special because that is what we did at our wedding ceremony. Robb, Noah, Sam and I each had different colors sands and we poured them in the same jar, signifying our family ties. I LOVE the sand jar for the baby.


32 weeks of pregnancy

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At 32 weeks, things are getting uncomfortable!

Loving: For entertainment, my husband and I will lay in bed and watch my belly move and groove. It’s so fun when this baby boy is active. And as long as he isn’t kicking me in the bladder it’s a great time for all involved! His knee or elbow will pop straight up out of my belly, or you will just see this lump start on one side of my belly and move all the way across to the other. It’s like he’s got his elbow out and is turning around. Eeeeek I can’t wait to meet him.

Hating: That I have been walking looking like a fool today. I’m having some “issues” that make walking, sitting, and essentially doing anything other than lying on my side painful. Started Friday and now it’s just excruciating. Going to email my doctor to see what’s up. Oh wait, I know what’s up! Pregnancy.

Weight Gain: (from beginning of pregnancy) Dr. appt next week and then I’ll see the damage that’s been done.

News: This weekend we purchased the baby’s dresser after much deliberating. We went with a chest of drawers that had a rough finish to withstand sharing a room with a little boy. Since his room is small we went with something tall vs. wide, essentially losing two drawers. He does have a great closet though so I think it will be fine.

It’s silly but I’m starting to feel more and more self-conscious about my body. I just have to remind myself – I’m growing a person! And I am going to work my butt off to get a fit body after I have my little dream come true.

30 & 31 weeks of pregnancy

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30 & 31 weeks of pregnancyAt 30 & 31 weeks I am loving my baby boy’s movements! They’re painful at times, but I love to know he’s there.

It was bound to happen at some point. I just couldn’t keep up! It IS the Christmas season, so being 7 months pregnant and trying to make Christmas work has been challenging. Here are the stats for my 30 & 31 weeks of pregnancy.

Loving: That my baby knows my voice. I hope I some point I can get him to respond to me in some way. For now I love to say good morning when I first feel him stir, I love to sing to him while I’m driving in the car, and I love looking forward to the day that I can look into his eyes. The eyes of the one that I have longed for and dreamt of for what seems like a lifetime.

Hating: How uncomfortable I am almost all the time. I know people say it’s going to keep getting worse but it’s not fun right now. Can’t sit too long, can’t stand too long, but it’s painful to move sometimes too! Can’t win. Sleeping is becoming more and more of a challenge – so this may not be my only mention of how much I miss sleep.

Weight Gain: (from beginning of pregnancy) I’m not looking until AFTER Christmas

News: My belly button popped around 30 weeks. Can’t say it’s a good look, but it’s pregnancy! I mean, there is a PERSON growing inside of me! The baby pretty much has his looks together at this point, he’s just got some last minute organs to develop. And boy does he feel heavy. He’s plumping up from now until delivery, but already I feel his weight pulling my stomach when I lay on either side. Phew, my big boy – I can’t wait to meet him.

I got my hair cut at 31 weeks – you can tell from picture A to picture B. I personally like the way that my hair falls in the left photo, but the ends were so dead, so orange, and so needed to go. Hopefully my hair will start working on that manner again – but for now I have to deal with healthy hair that falls nice and flat, with not split ends to give it great body.

30 & 31 weeks of pregnancy

We spent Christmas Eve with my family, Christmas morning at home with the boys doing presents, and Christmas day/weekend at the lake with Robb’s family – where this Instax (I wanted one of these years ago – still do) was taken by my lovely niece Summer. A 31 week belly is a big belly – next year this boy will be in my arms.

29 weeks of pregnancy

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At 29 weeks, I’m praying that it’s smooth sailing from here with this little guy.

Loving: There is quite a bit to love about pregnancy. I’m realizing now that I probably lose about 1 to 2 strands of hair every time I wash it. I kid you not! I used to lose chunks at a time, due to the fact that I never brush it and wash it once ever 3-4 days. I still do that but thanks to my third trimester – my hair is still in tact! LOVE IT! I know after the baby comes it will make up for lost time but I’m trying to ignore that fact and enjoy the now!

Hating: Look how swollen my feet are! Not a good look for me.

Weight Gain: (from beginning of pregnancy) 26 pounds. If I can keep it under 30 it will be a miracle.

News: This weather is nothing but wacky. 65 degrees in December? No gracias. Although it does make the fact that I am still wearing flipflops a little less ridiculous. It is way too hard to get boots on – what a workout!

Had my prenatal appointment this week. It’s generally at the end of the month but needed to be rescheduled. I also had to take my glucose test, so my sweet husband came with me for the appointment. We were set to hear the results from my sonogram last week.

Great news all around:

My blood pressure went down significantly, I have really been watching what I eat since my last appointment and it paid off! My doctor didn’t give me too much praise though. He wants me to remember that it’s the holiday season and I have to be careful! I don’t need to gain any more weight –  my baby will be very healthy if I don’t gain another pound.

The results of my sonogram indicated that my placenta moved up 2 centimeters. I don’t have placenta previa! Thank God! Meaning, I can carry the baby to term, go into natural labor and don’t have to have a C-section. I am over the moon about this news!!

I just called my doctor to get the results of my glucose test. I was very nervous about this test since my blood pressure has been on the steady incline this pregnancy. Failing score is 140. If you fail, it means you have gestational diabetes and are at risk for diabetes later in life. I’ve been pleading with the Lord to let me pass. Since there’s no diabetes in my family, I should be fine. But I was still nervous! Turns out I scored 108. one-oh-eight people! That’s a great score! Ugh I’m sohappy. Thank you genes of mine for not failing me!

The baby is supposed to weigh around 2 to 2.5 pounds right now. At the time of the sonogram he weighed 3 pounds, 3 ounces! Dr said he is going to be a linebacker 🙂 Well, his papa was a defensive end in college so it does make sense! This boy is going to be BIG.

28 weeks of pregnancy

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At 28 weeks this boy is still on the move. He is one spirited kid!

Loving: When we lay in bed and my belly is up against Robb’s side – all of the sudden the baby will kick and it startles him. He always is amazed by it – this boy is one strong fella.

Hating: I wouldn’t say this is something I hate but my belly is getting heavy which is a little challenging. Makes it hard to move around as well or for quite as long.

Weight Gain: (from beginning of pregnancy) Will get weighed next week at my dr. appt.

News: Had my sonogram this week. Got a cute profile picture of my boy. I have a feeling from the looks of it that he has my nose. Poor little buddy! I wanted him so badly to have his dad’s cute nose – but I guess I can’t necessarily choose what he’s going to look like! His father and I both have large heads, so it’s no surprise that it looks rather large in the sonogram. 🙂


Tried this week to work on my registry some more. Still amazed at how daunting it is!

We are both talking to this guy more and more. It really is special – I can’t believe that he will know my voice when he finally joins us. I just can’t wait to talk to him, hold him, kiss him, and honestly just see what he looks like! Ha.

Today we woke up at 7am – went and got bagels for breakfast and by 9am I had started working on the nursery. I wanted to start painting it today. Well, by 1pm I had finished painting! I set up the room, taped it all off, did the trim, then had to run to the store to by the paint try liner. I came back and rolled the room twice, all while only using one can of paint and had no help from my husband! Now I totally over did it. My sciatic nerve is killing me and I had to lay down and take a 45 min nap after the fact. Over doing it though was totally worth it, knowing that the baby’s room is finally painted! Hallelujah!

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